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Articles on high risk periodontal pathogens and their impact on systemic disease


The relationship between P.gingivalis and Alzheimer's disease: 

High-risk periodontal pathogenic bacteria and its increased the risk for atherosclerosis:

The root cause of disease:

Communicating vascular health and wellness in the dental office:

Why are heart attacks and strokes on the rise in young adults?:

P. gingivalis and its link to Alzheimer's disease:


Articles on the microbiotic benefits of pre and probiotics

Healthy mouth, healthy gut a dysbiotic microbiome exacerbates colitis:

Oral Microbiome Affects Gut Microbiome:

Probiotics and their link to reducing Candida albicans:

Probiotics altering gingival epithelial cells to fight P. gingivalis:

Coconut Oil and  its efficacy on inhibiting S. mutans:;year=2016;volume=6;issue=5;spage=447;epage=452;aulast=Peedikayi


Coconut Oil and the reduction of Candida albicans:

Articles on the impact of sugar and breast feeding on the oral microbiome and development of ECC

Fructose and the oral microbiome:

Breast feeding and the natural protection against ECC:

Breast feeding and ECC:

Articles on the benefit of Xylitol 

Xylitol's affect on P. gingivalis:

Xylitol during pregnancy and the impact on Childs ECC risk:


Xylitol's impact on weight loss:


Xylitol and the health of your mitochondria:

Xylitol and the fight against cancer:

Xylitol helps to induce cancer cell death:

Xylitol helps to induce cell death in lung cancer cells:


COVID 19 and Xylitol:


Articles on the use of ozone in the dental office:


Ozone use in water lines:


Ozone to help fight periodontitis:


Ozone during dental surgery:

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