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Mountains Meet Lake

 our consulting packages are designed for efficiency, team retention, improved production, Higher treatment acceptance, and superior education in oral systemic, biological and general dentistry.

 we know what it takes to create an effective, productive, profitable work environment where your team is aligned with your vision. 

Are you ready to change your mindset and grow?

Mission Statement:



Growth Mindset Dental Consultants began as an idea when an oral systemic clinical team comprised of an assistant, Kary Helmer, and a hygienist, Shira Newman noticed that there is a fine art to implementing oral systemic health into a dental practice and creating a profitable, cohesive dental team. 

Incorporating new processes and procedures can be a daunting task if done incorrectly.  We take the guesswork out of what works.  After years of practicing in successful oral systemic dental offices, we know the secrets to success, and the smoothest means to transition your team and office to practice oral systemic health. 

Far too often, dental offices are not setup for growth and success, and the dental team does not have the tools and resources needed to achieve their highest potential.  At Growth Mindset Dental Consultants, our approach is multifaceted and all encompassing.  We create a work environment that caters to every team member from front office, assistants, hygienists and doctors while impassioning the team about oral systemic health, and the individual goal for each practice. 

As a team, we live and breathe oral systemic health, holistic (biological) dentistry and team development and can't wait to share our knowledge with you.

Meet Kary and Shira in the More About Us Section, or click read more below. 

Growth Mindset Dental Consultants aims to aid and revolutionize the dental field by coaching dental teams to practice with intention, to heal the dental work environment and team, provide the highest education and to help and expand dental practices by uplifting them to new heights of awareness. Our goal in facilitating this process is that every client may begin to collaborate with healthcare practitioners to better serve and heal their patient population; and create a foundation in oral systemic medicine, biological dentistry and team development so that healing can occur on all levels, mouth, body, mind, spirit and business.  888 I activate code 9213140 and code 71974131981 and code 8277247 for Growth mindset Dental Consultants 888 
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